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Teams that are close to us allows us to save some money on travel because we don have to stay overnight, he said. Don have a big budget, so we have to save money anywhere we can. Nokotas spent $4,800 on jerseys, but the players are required to pay fo

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5. Will it be tax reform? Or tax cuts? Watch the language being used in coming weeks by the President and Republicans in Congress, because tax reform is different than tax cuts. The GOP could probably approve a package of tax cuts by Christmas in sho

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He can put the ball in harm's way, but he can also make the big plays doing that. He's got some gambler in him some Jeff George, some Jay Cutler. He's got all those same qualities, where he has all the physical tools. (AP Photo/)Denver Nuggets streng

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In many millions of years the species of wild life very well might have evolved to live in the urban sprawling cities of our sons and daughters. But the fact remains no matter what we do all life on earth now will be dead then. So what do you want to

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Stalin is a different case tho. Because he is so popular among populace, Kremlin can say he outright evil. So they play interesting game here: They despise Stalins actions of collectivisation, dekulakisation and anything that concerns redistribution

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He wouldn't talk. We have to you know, its sort like either do it or dont do it. When I watch Dan Rather explaining how we are going to be attacking, where were going to attack, what routes were taking, what kind of planes were using, how to stop the

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One change the competition did make was in its Q portion, which featured user submitted questions in partnership with the Skimm, instead of the usual pre scripted prompts. In an interview before the competition, co host Julianne Hough said she hoped

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As a Raiders fan, I was very underwhelmed with Murray last year. He dropped many easy passes hurting his value in a PPR. Last year he went over 1,000 yards but that was because there really was no competition. A devoted follower, adherent, or advocat

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When you arrive, drill sergeants will board the bus screaming. They will tell you to get off the bus double time (running) but will stand in your way. When I flew off the bus, one of the drill sergeants jumped in front of me and screamed "Don't you r